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Sustainability is the responsibility of any manufacturer who can impact our environment through selection of raw materials, critical analysis of the manufacturing process, careful consideration of packaging options and working with their customers to continually reduce consumption and waste while reducing the impact on our environment.

The  “SpecGreen Initiative” is a program  developed by Specialty Adhesives to directly address this responsibility. The program consists of the following:

  • Working with raw material suppliers to continually develop   renewable sources of raw materials.
  • Developing formulations that use renewable raw materials and require less energy for manufacturing and application.
  • Renewable and recyclable packaging for our products.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in the manufacturing process.
  • More efficient boilers in our plants
  • Motion sensors/timers on all lights
  • CFL lighting in our plants
  • More efficient gear box/motors for our mixing  vessels
  • Reduction of the waste water stream.
    • Re-use of waste water where possible
    • Move towards zero discharge manufacturing
  • Working with our customers to reduce adhesive use and waste.