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Tissue and towel

  • Over 35 years of formulating experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of tissue and towel converting equipment.
  • We offer a board portfolio of application specific adhesive products.


SpecBond GXP-039

Concentrated Tissue and Towel Laminating Adhesive

Features Benefits
High solids concentrated product Can be diluted up to 2:1 with water
Excellent mileage Reduces cost
Good clean up properties Less down time
Excellent stability Less waste

SpecMelt Hot Melt Adhesives for Tissue and Towel

We offer EVA based hot melts in both standard temperature and low melt formulations, Metallocene and and our new Hybrid Product HM899, which offers the pot stability of a Metallocene but at the cost of an EVA based product.


SpecMelt HM-899

Premium Case and Carton Seal Hot Melt

Features Benefits
Superior pot stability Eliminates char and down time
Excellent mileage Reduces cost
High tack High speed production
Fast setting High speed production
Good heat and cold  resistance Wide range of applications