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Folding Cartons

  • Folding Cartons can be made utilizing many different board stocks and coatings.  Add to this the newer high speed application systems and your adhesive supplier needs to be able to offer a complete line of products to handle this variety.  Specialty Adhesives and Coatings has products to handle basic SBS stock up to poly coated and metalized polyester and using any application system.
  • Our products are designed to be very clean machining and stable while providing excellent bonding and mileage.  All of our products can be formulated in a range of viscosities to best fit a particular application and can be made with UV indicators as needed.


SpecBond 4041

Folding Carton Adhesive

Features Benefits
VAE emulsion Will bond a wide variety of stock
Clean machining Less down time
Good wet tack and speed Can handle fast production speeds
UV indicator Can be used on UV detection systems