SpecPur Reactive Polyurethane Hot Melt

SpecPUR Hot Melts are reactive moisture curing adhesives that give strong bonds with exceptional heat and cold resitance.  This makes them ideal for difficult to bond substrates and where a strong structutal bond is needed and for for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Some of the markets where SpePUR Hot Melts can be used are:

  • Book Binding
  • Composite RV Panels
  • Profile Wrapping and Edge Banding
  • Clear Plastic Cartons
  • Windows and Doors

SpecPUR Hot Melts are available in cartridges, foil slugs, pails and drums to meet any production need or requirement. 

Featured Product:


SpecPUR HM-971

Polyurethane Hot Melt for clear plastic folding cartons.

Features                                              Benefits

Clear Bond Line                              No discoloration of glue line

High Tack                                        Higher Production Speed

UV Resistant                                   No discoloration of glue line

Excellent Adhesion                         Can bond a wide range of plastics

Suberb Stability                               Lower maintenance costs