Specialty Adhesives has a full line of SpecBond water based and SpecMelt hot melt adhesives to meet any requirement or need in the packaging industry.  Our products have been developed to achieve maximum results with minimal cost. By working closely with equipment manufactures and our customers we can develop new products and custom formulated adhesives to meet a special application.

Case and Carton Sealing

Our line of SpecMelt Hot melt adhesives have been formulated to meet any demand that might arise. We have EVA, Metallocene, Polyethylene and APAO based hot melts to handle even the most difficult substrates and coatings, including the newer wax replacement coatings.

Bottle and Can Labeling

We offer both hot melt and water based labeling adhesives for glass, PET, Poly and cans. 


SpecMelt HM 804

Low Temperature case and carton sealing hot melt
Features Benefits
250oF application temperature Lower energy consumption
Excellent pot stability Reduced down time
Fast setting Can handle high speed lines
High hot tack Works well on small cartons and cases
Good heat and cold resistance Works well for a wide range of applications